Rosella Coffee | About Us
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At Rosella Coffee we aim to be a community center, providing excellent customer service, great quality coffee, food, beer and wine. With two locations, we’re serving San Antonio better than ever! Take a virtual tour, and learn more about our space and event hosting below.

What began as a dream to share our passion with others has grown into a mission to provide more than just a coffee shop. We hope to be your gathering place to meet family, friends and business associates for coffee, lunch, dinner and drinks. We want Rosella to be your go-to place to enjoy a casual conversation, hold a relaxed business meeting or just get away from it all. We strive to make every experience one filled with outstanding customer service and amazing drinks and food. We look forward to meeting each of you that comes through our doors to help make Rosella what we truly believe it can become.

Below are some of the companies we work with to bring you the highest quality products and services. Additionally, click the links below for a virtual tour of our beautiful location.